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Over the past decades, there has been extensive focus on building capacities in power generation while adequate focus was not given to developing power transmission infrastructure. Augmenting power transmission network is a very critical aspect need of the hour. Infact power transmission needs to be given equal attention both in terms of planning and investment to achieve optimum results in the ultimate objective of enhancing the quality and quantum of power made available to the end consumers.

Neglecting power transmission for a long time has taken a toll on several countries with thousands of megawatts of stranded generation. Today, countries such as Nigeria in Africa are facing the daunting challenge of rapidly building the transmission network capacity to match the evacuation requirements of the new power generation capacities being added.

Overall, transmission planning must take into account the following core objectives:
  • Improve Reliability
    Power outages and power quality disturbances highlight the need for a robust transmission system which delivers safe, reliable power to customers.
  • Reduce Congestion
    When transmission lines reach their capacity limit, they are less adept to handle grid disturbances. Overburdened transmission lines can lead to grid congestion and further imply higher electricity costs.
  • Support Renewable Energy
    Renewable energy resources such as Solar, Hydro, and Wind power tend to be located in remote areas where new transmission network and capacity is a necessity to transport energy to the grid.
Similarly, power distribution networks also face challenges of reliability due to several factors such as faulty, dated equipment. Further, distribution networks face issues of high technical and commercial losses. Based on our experience of designing distribution systems and implementing energy management solutions, Green Stratos in partnership with GTE Telecom, Nigeria has designed an information & communication technology solution aimed at effective monitoring and administration of power distribution networks. The objective of this solution is identifying power losses as well as technical failures. The system will not only help reduce the losses but also rapidly bring down the response time for technical failures.

Green Stratos specializes in engineering & technology solutions for developing new transmission/distribution networks and sub stations.
Our engineering services in the power transmission sector offer solutions for design of new transmission systems and sub stations. Our services cover the following areas:
  • Feasibility, topographical Surveys, Route Planning, Geo-technical Surveys
  • System Planning, Power Transmission/Distribution Scheme Development
  • System Design, Detailed Engineering (Civil & Electrical)
  • Substation layouts, Design calculations, Construction Drawings
  • Preparation of BOQs, Costing, Material Selection
  • Bid Advisory, Negotiations, Contracts
  • Project Management Consultancy - Quality Management, Works Supervision, Safety, Testing, Commissioning Support

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