Asset Management System

Effective management of assets is becoming increasingly important in today’s world of high competition, ever-growing asset bases, and continuous demands on reliability. Firms across industries are putting in more effort to ensure proper utilization of their assets.

Engineering organizations and public authorities have an ever greater need to manage their assets productively because disruptions can risk public safety, cause health hazards, and impact firm reputation. In such a scenario, it is crucial to have the best asset management program in place in order to gain a holistic picture of your assets.

Our Asset Management Solutions (AMS) are specially customized to meet the overarching asset needs of engineering firms. Whatever your sector - energy, water, solar, wind, or biomass - we enable you to successfully manage all your assets, keep track of them, and reduce operational costs.

Our Expertise

Our team of engineering and IT experts analyse your business in detail, assess the efficiency of existing assets, keep your long term goals in mind, and design an Asset Management Solution especially for you. A significant experience in dealing with similar clients in the past helps us make informed decisions.

At GreenStratos, we provide you with a web-based application that gives you an accurate representation of your assets, their condition, performance status, and maintenance plans. This helps you achieve the following results.

  • Effective tracking of all your assets

    Our AMS solutions help you keep a tab on all your assets be it storage locations, transmission lines, distribution networks, lab equipments, buildings, or facilities. We ensure that you have a complete view on how they are being utilized, if they need changes, or if there are some ghost assets that need to be taken out of the system.

  • Successful avoidance of risks

    We understand that for a public utility company like yours, it is important to maintain regular service levels with strict adherence to safety norms. Our AMS solutions help identify risky assets in good time so that you have an option to change/update them.

  • Easy reduction of costs

    We also help you to greatly reduce your operational expenses by identifying assets that need replacement or repairs in time. Facilities and machines are put to maximum use to reduce underuse and duplication of work is avoided.

Our Asset Management Suite

We provide the following solutions under our Asset Management Suite. These are highly customizable to your needs.

  • Strategic Asset Management Consulting
  • Inventorization and GIS Mapping of Assets by Category
  • Condition Assessment and Rating of Assets
  • Assessment of Remaining Useful Life of Assets
  • Setting up of Expected Service Levels for all Assets
  • Identification of Redundant or Ghost Assets and Quantifying their Commercial Value
  • Determination of Asset Values and Replacement Costs
  • Preparation of a Maintenance Plan to move from Reactive Maintenance to Predictive Maintenance
  • Generation of Regular Inventory and Maintenance Reports