In our country, which is essentially agri-based, it is a natural corollary that majority of the population makes a living from agriculture.

We, at GreenStratos support agriculture management systems with services ranging from concept to commissioning. Our experience in planning, designing, bid processing and supervision range from rural settings to urban level infrastructure. We make available a cohesive range of services, from advisory and planning to design and technical expertise to ensure that the entire process of agriculture-related infrastructure, functions smoothly and efficiently across Asia, Africa, Europe & GCC.

Interestingly, international statistics reveal that about 60% or 590 million hectares of the world’s total area of uncultivated, arable land is Africa centered. During the recent decade, Africa has emerged as the most attractive destination for extensive farming and agri-processing SEZs- Special Economic Zones. Bountiful arable land and water have been significant contributors to this end.

In India too, the government has created policies and incentive mechanisms to encourage large scale agriculture and agro based industries. But to achieve this end, development of SEZs and large scale farming activities require extensive planning, design and implementation expertise.

Our global technological developments recognize us as dynamic global players in the planning, designing and implementation towards self-supporting programmes that generate new avenues to promote budgetary independence.

GreenStratos offers agriculture consulting services to Government entities and Private sector clients.

Our range of services includes:

Agriculture SEZs
  • Feasibility Studies and Preparing Business Plans
  • Drafting proposals for private entities for setting up of SEZs
  • Land mapping, topographical studies and land development Plan
  • Engineering and Designs for SEZ development
  • Project Management for Setting up of SEZ
Agro-market studies
  • Crop pattern mapping and agri-output studies
  • Demand and price analysis for agricultural commodities
  • Market survey and preparation of selling strategies
Agriculture Mechanization
  • Import and Supply of various types of agro equipment through our subsidiary PLC Supplies
  • Supply of equipment to farmers under various Government Programs
Renewable energy solutions for Agriculture
  • Energy usage mapping and patterns
  • Proposing renewable energy solutions and road map
  • Deployment of renewable energy solutions for agriculture power requirements
Agriculture Supply Chain
  • Sourcing, Agri Processing
  • Transport and warehousing planning
  • Partner Engagement
  • Supply chain studies