information & Communications Technology (ICT)

An exponential growth in the information technology sector and disruptive innovations in communication mechanisms are paving the way forward for countries across the world. Information and communication technology (ICT) is a key parameter for economic development today. India is taking bold steps to improve ICT access, use, and skills across the length and breadth of the country.

Firms are investing in ICT like never before. Digital innovation is changing business models and firms are adapting faster than earlier. Companies that do business the old-fashioned way are losing clients. Technology has become a true enabler and a key partner for current and future business success in any entity, be it government, private, or non-profit.

We, at GreenStratos, understand the growing ICT needs of companies in the areas of data management, telecommunications’ integration, and unified communication systems. We also take into account the fact that ICT is a faster growing sector than others and therefore, requires swifter responses and more flexible alternatives.

Over the years, we have developed significant expertise in providing reliable ICT solutions to firms across different industry sectors. Our existing and satisfied client base speaks tonnes about our professionalism in delivering services on time and with accuracy.

We keep in mind the needs of your business as well as those of your clients while designing the perfect ICT solution for you. All our projects are aimed for you to achieve growth and sustainably. Our ICT consultancy services ensure that technology not only meets the requirements of its users but that it is implemented and managed effectively.

Our company GreenStratos provides your firm with a wide range of efficient and affordable custom-developed ICT services and solutions including Web and Database Development, GIS Mapping, Billing System Software Management, Asset Management Registrations, Mobile Application Management, and much more. GreenStratos has an in-house team of expert designers and developers that customizes each and every ICT solution for you. The following presents a snapshot of our ICT services across domains:

  • GIS and SCADA services for infrastructure projects
  • Software solutions for power distribution utilities
  • GIS Survey, designs and costing for fiber optic backbone projects
  • Customized software application development
  • Utility Billing Systems
  • Enterprise Applications for Utilities Sector
  • Storage &High Performance Computing Solutions
  • Fiber-Optic Network planning & implementation
  • ICT Security Solutions