Irrigation is a forerunner of an agriculture based economy. Over 70 per cent of rural India depends on agriculture for their sustenance. Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, combined, form1/3rd of the nation's GDP and are the largest contributors to the national exchequer.

In the light of this scenario, the irrigation segment cannot be ignored. Our specialized services for irrigation project have created a niche for us as prime consultants in the sector.

In alignment with the need for this Herculean task, we provide design and construction supervision services in the execution of massive irrigation and hydropower ventures. This can run the entire gamut of activities - building canals, barrages, pipelines, and allied constructions.

Understanding the scope and magnitude of the problem, we at GreenStratos have garnered significant know-how in these sectors and offer state-of-the-art solutions to these problems. Our consultancy services range from concept to commissioning. Our experience in planning, designing, bid processing and supervision in rural as well as urban irrigation infrastructure are note-worthy. We provide an integrated range of advisory, planning, detail design and technical skills to ensure that the entire process of delivering water-related infrastructure works seamlessly for a global clientele encompassing Asia, Africa, Europe and GCC.

Amidst this background, Irrigation in Africa has emerged as a country with the potential to boost agricultural productivities by at least 50 percent. This is largely due to the fact that food production on the continent is primarily Rainfed. The 13 million hectares under irrigation, is an insignificant 6 percent of the total cultivated area. Statistics reveal that almost eighty-five percent of the poor live in rural areas and depend on agriculture for sustenance. The solution to this problem which has gigantic ramification, points towards deeper inroads into agricultural development as a means to diminish poverty.

Many development organizations have recently proposed to significantly increase investments in irrigation in the region. However, the potential for irrigation investments in Africa is highly dependent upon several pertinent factors – geography of the area, field-crop production and soil management and financial factors that must be accounted for when assessing the long-term viability and sustainability of intended projects.

We GreenStratos understand the challenges and have now grown to become one of the leading consultants in this sector.

Our ranges of services include:

  • Design of irrigation schemes
  • Pre-Feasibility & Feasibility studies
  • Master planning for short-mid and long-term irrigation development
  • Investment plan
  • Tender documents preparation
  • Control and supervision of works
  • Operation and maintenance of irrigation schemes
  • Training and support for the management organizations / Institutions
  • Pedologic studies and irrigation suitability assessment
  • Water Resources Evaluation
  • Crop water requirements
  • Geotechnical and topographic surveys
  • Soil surveys, inventory irrigation potential assessment
  • Irrigation and drainage network design and development