The various modes of transport constitute an essential role in supporting mobility. Very simply defined, transportation is the movement from one location to another - from point A to Point B.

Modes of transport may be grouped into three broad categories based on the choice of transport engaged: Air, Land (Roadways and Railways) and Water (shipping). Each mode has its own requirements and features, and is adapted to serve specific demands of freight and passenger traffic.

Societies depend largely on transport systems to support an entire gamut of activities ranging, from commuting, tourism, supplying energy needs, to distributing parts and final goods. Developing transport systems has been a continuous challenge to support economic development and participate in the global economy.

The challenges to keep abreast of the demands for speedy transportation is growing in significance and rapidly changing in the face of challenges and drivers of change. The issues that are achieving greater importance – sustainability, congestion, governance and management – are factors to be addressed to, as their viability is subject to terrain and the geographical locations. As the transport industry gets more complex by the day, conventional approaches that lay emphasis on flimsy dynamics, have to be replaced by more nuanced analysis and solutions.

We are a sustainable transportation solutions provider. We boast expertise in transport planning, project management and engineering. We provide clients with safe, efficient and cost-effective transport systems that deliver real benefits to the customer as well as the end consumer, i.e., the public in general. Considering the benefits to society, our services help cultivate employment in large numbers, build an efficient transportation network and foster public private partnerships.

Our transportation professionals provide services from concept to commissioning for governments, multilateral agencies, concessionaires and EPC clients globally. Having launched numerous allied projects, we firmly believe that we are in a commanding position to undertake various studies, planning, detailed design and project management, meeting timelines, desired costs and quality parameters. While developing new systems, we also help in the restoration and re-organization of old infrastructure elements.

Transportation: Roads & Bridges

To align with this vital facet of a country’s infrastructure that throws open its doors to social and economic development, we at GreenStratos are leaders in transport planning, engineering and project management. Our expertise has met with global recognition within the parameters of safe, efficient and cost-effective transport systems that offer tangible benefits to the community.

Railway Infrastructure

We offer a wide range of practical solutions for Railway Infrastructure, which include Railway & Metro Infrastructure Design, Detailed Engineering, Project Planning & Management, Construction Supervision, Railway Over-Head Electrification, Railway Sidings and allied activities.

Our multi-talented experts are geared to formulate entire systems of Design, Construction and Project Management of New Railway Lines, Bridges, Structures, Permanent Way, Over Head Electrification, Signalling and Telecommunication works.

Ports & Maritime Amenities

One of the vital life-lines of an economy is the Shipping Industry. This industry plays a pivotal role in sustaining growth in trade and commerce. Globalization has brought in its wake an acceleration of world trade decreasing shipping costs - a proportionate saving in costs gained by an increased level of production, resulting in an ‘economy of scale; coupled with the development of technology. To cope with the ever-growing world trade, ports of every country play a crucial role in making this mode of transportation cost-effective.

Out team of professionals at GreenStratos are geared to cope with the rapidly growing industry requirements. Their calibre on matters related to port development projects; port and terminal feasibility studies, port planning, container terminal planning and design, engineering, procurement and project management support is phenomenal. Our expertise is offered right from the conceptual to commissioning stage.

Our ranges of services include:

  • Traffic & Transportation Feasibility Studies & demand assessment studies
  • Detailed Project Reports
  • Data Collection and Surveys
  • PPP / BOT Services
  • Pre-Bid Engineering & Detailed Designs
  • Development of GIS, Web-GIS based master plans
  • Traffic Design
  • Preparation of Detailed Cost Estimates, Bill of Quantities (BOQs)
  • Traffic management plans, Traffic impact assessment
  • Intelligent transportation systems (ITS)
  • Transportation system management
  • Transaction advisory
  • Advisory on Inland Water Transport
  • Advisory on renovation and modernization of the existing ports
  • Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Building
  • Project Management & Construction Supervision
  • Independent Engineer’s Services
  • Operation and Maintenance (O&M)