Urban Infrastructure Planning & Management

Statistics have proven that progressive cities and urban areas which are emerging today as harbingers of national economic growth contribute over 60 percent to gross domestic products. These areas comprise of manufacturing and service sectors particularly information and communication technologies. When this comes into play, cities and urban areas cannot sustain themselves without running into chaos. They become reliant on the availability of appropriate infrastructure with regard to water supply, sewerage, sanitation, roads, transport, electricity, health, education, parks, and playgrounds. It is here that we GreenStratos come into play by providing and managing superior infrastructure to overcome this need.

Urbanizing with Technology

The consultancy services of our esteemed organization play a pivotal role in providing central and state governments and numerous local bodies, infrastructure that is meticulously planned with an eye on the rapidly increasing growth of the urban clusters. The planning division catering to needs of the urban sector offers solutions with the help of modern techniques and Geospatial technology which adopts several forms: remote sensing, geographic information systems (GIS), the global positioning system (GPS), geographically referenced land process models, and 3-D landscape visualization.

Catering to Diverse Infrastructure Requirements

Sustainability or in other words, the competency to provide value-based infrastructure that will support environmental, social and economic needs of the city not only for now but also in the future, is what forms part of our commitment. Infrastructure, of course, can vary, from one area to another, based on the prerequisite of a particular area. For example, a railway bridge across a waterway might be essential for one city while a gigantic sports arena may be priority for another city. It could also involve planning for infrastructure in terms of power stations and electricity supplies, sewage systems, clean drinking water systems, major transport systems (metro systems and railways) and telecommunications networks. Appropriate planning and management of city and urban infrastructure is the hallmark for sustainable development. In modern times the concept of a ‘smart city’ could also crop up which would require meticulous infrastructure planning and efficient management.

GreenStratos: A Distinguished Sustainable Solution Provider

We at GreenStratos stand out as a class apart from the rest because we are equipped to cope with the challenges of city and urban infrastructure development and offer services in this area with the capability of providing sustainable development. Our cost effective yet innovative engineering solutions are also tailor-made for urban centres endeavouring to upgrade their current infrastructure.

Our services in urban infrastructure planning and management extend to:

  • Regional Planning /Industrial Area Planning
  • Techno-Economic Feasibility Studies
  • Smart City Plans
  • SEZ’s
  • Benchmarking Studies
  • Master Plans
  • City Developments Plans (CDP’s)
  • Water Supply and Sanitation Plans
  • Detailed Designs of Engineering Works
  • River/Lakes/Waterfront Developments
  • Bid Advisory and PPP Services
  • Project Management and Construction Supervision
  • Technical Assistance
  • Institutional Development & Capacity Building
  • Training