Water Supply & Sanitation

Water is the most vital resource for all life on the Earth. Despite rapid evolution of mankind and major strides in technology, providing access to clean water continues to be a major challenge.

It is estimated that nearly 800 million people lack dependable access to clean water and over 2 billion people lacking access to modern sanitation, putting them at great health risk. Also, climate change and improper usage of the water resources has been putting enormous pressure on water resources globally, making access to reliable safe water a ever growing challenge!

Green Stratos understands the increasing importance of water as a resource globally and offers its expertise in the water, waste water and water related environmental sectors with services such as irrigation/water supply management, waste water management, recycling, etc. We provide holistic solutions which include advisory, design, technical guidance and infrastructure development and maintenance to ensure that the entire process of water related services run smoothly and effectively.

Similarly, sanitation is equally vital in the modern day world where rapid urbanization is creating significant challenges in terms of the per capita waste generated. Sewage and municipal solid waste so generated are fast outgrowing the installed capacities and current infrastructure in place to manage and dispose them. This situation calls for a paradigm shift in the way waste is being handled. Unless innovative business models that have revenue generation potential are adopted, managing waste will prove to be a huge burden for public utilities and Governments.

Green Stratos has been at the fore front of developing such innovative business models in the sewage and municipal solid waste management sectors and has advised clients in devising public private partnership models and technology solutions aimed at revenue generation in addition to effective long term solutions for sewage and waste management.

Urban Water Treatment & Supply


Water Planning is required to ensure reliable water supply to various categories of users during all seasons (dry and normal).Urban Water Planning solves highly variable and ever changing water supply and demand conditions. Another important objective of water planning is to ensure supply of safe and clean water.

Green Stratos offers expert services to enable utilities to develop integrated affordable and highly scalable water treatment and supply solutions. Apart from planning and engineering, our professionals support you in implementation, expansion and maintenance of urban water supply schemes. The key objectives of our urban water services are:

  • Improving urban water supply both quantitatively and qualitatively
  • Increasing economic efficiency of various services by establishing and implementing new models and strategies
  • Support capacity development

Water Audit Services

Green Stratos provides Water Audit Services with the dual intention of: reducing the water bills and reducing water wastage, thereby reducing the burden on precious water resources on which each of us are heavily dependent on.

Our services are aimed at municipal authorities, irrigation authorities and the end users to ensure that relevant processes are defined to continually assess the various aspects of water chain comprising treatment, pumping, transportation, supply and usage.

We provide our water audit services for the following sectors:

  • Water Supply Departments
  • Irrigation Departments
  • Industries
  • Commercial Establishments
  • Residential communities
  • Educational institutions
  • Hospitals

Waste Water Management


With ever-increasing domestic and industrial usage of water, wastewater generation has become a major environmental issue. Addressing this issue is important both from a community health perspective as well as from a resource optimization perspective. We assess various options of safe disposal of waste water and recommend the best option to clients based on detailed techno-commercial study.

Our solutions focus on collecting waste water, treating it for odour and colour with latest and efficient technologies before releasing it into lakes and rivers or using it for purposes such as maintaining the greenery.

  • Treating Odours

    Industrial and domestic waste water contain many toxic chemical and biological ingredients which are hazardous and also foul smelling and thus contributing to pollution. We engineer solutions based on the requirements and recommend appropriate techniques to treat odours.

  • Disposal of Residual Waste

    Waste water treatment results in the production of waste commonly known as sludge and its disposal is hazardous if it is disposed of untreated. We at Green Stratos devise appropriate techniques to ensure that minimum amount of sludge is produced and that it has minimal impact on environment in terms of soil and air pollution.

  • Recycling and Reuse:

    Given our huge dependence on this precious resource and with dwindling fresh water resources, every drop counts. This makes it imperative to adopt ‘water recycling’ as a means to enhance the overall availability of water for our needs. Recycling process involves further treatment of water discharged from waste water treatment plants and using it for purposes like sanitation, maintenance of greenery etc.

Sewage Treatment Plants

Sewage Management

Managing and disposing sewage waste is very important given the adverse impact it poses to the environment, water bodies, soil and health. Consequence of inappropriate sewage disposal leads to pollution, degradation of the environment, health issues, contamination of water bodies and others. Most of the public utilities today are plagued by inadequate treatment facilities both in terms of technology and capacity. Growth in sewage generated in urban areas has significantly outpaced the growth capacity addition required for treatment of disposal of such sewage. Several urban and semi urban areas across the developing world still lack a sewage plan with open drains being the norm of the day.

Steps to be undertaken. It is important to treat the sewage/polluted water before releasing it in to the water bodies which if discharged untreated will create health hazards and also affect the environment

Sewage Management could prove to be an expensive proposition for governments unless new and innovative models with revenue generation potential and involving private participation are adopted.

Green Stratos specialized in designing, implementing, operating and maintaining sewage treatment infrastructure with specific focus on innovative models that involve multiple revenue generating streams such as power generation, supply of treated water and organic fertilizer etc. Green Stratos also provides consultancy and engineering services to industries, residential blocks etc. Our well experienced engineers offer cost effective and eco-friendly solutions from design and installation to operation and maintenance of STPs.

Broadly, our services in this sector include:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Site Survey and Layout Planning
  • Requirement Mapping and based sample testing
  • Plant Design & Engineering
  • Implementation
  • Operations & Maintenance

Industrial Water Mgmt. & Treatment

Green Stratos has expertise in planning and designing industrial waste water treatment and disposal strategies. We have expertise in designing effluent treatment plants based on the study of the manufacturing process and nature of effluents.

Broadly, our services in this sector include:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Site Survey and Layout Planning
  • Requirement Mapping and based sample testing
  • Plant Design & Engineering
  • Implementation