Astute planning is very critical in the inception phase of any infrastructural Project lifecycle as sound techno-commercial due-diligence, design & engineering will not only help in effective implementation but will also optimize the triple elements of quality, time & cost.

Our services are driven by this principle and we focus on providing our clientele with the best expertise in the industry to help them realize their vision. Our breadth of specialization and wide geographic presence enables you to engage with us seamlessly. Our unique experience of working in the most remote regions of Africa makes us the most agile and dynamic group that is well-versed with the challenges and opportunities across the continent.

We also specialize in converging diverse expertise across key developmental domains to offer cross-sectoral consulting services. Our end-2-end service portfolio comprising Consulting, Transaction Advisory, Engineering, and Project Management services is aligned to offer our clients the comprehensive support in their respective endeavors across the gamut of Energy, Infrastructure, Water & Sanitation, Waste Management, Environment & Climate, and Agriculture sectors.


GreenStratos offers E-2-E project solutions in a seamless manner by integrating its multi-domain consulting capabilities across the areas of Energy, Infrastructure, Water & Sanitation, Waste Management, Environment & Climate and Agriculture. Our consulting services provide the technical and commercial expertise required during the planning, implementation and commissioning phases of projects across the above domains.

The following presents a snapshot of our consulting services across the above domains: