Capacity Building / Training

Apart from capacity building as part of PMC Services, we offer independent capacity building services for Public Sector as well as Private Entities. Professionals at GreenStratos have long standing experience in carrying out capacity building activities for a wide range of stakeholders such as senior public servants, public and private sector industrial executives, civil society organizations, entrepreneurs and students community. The specific level of need of capacity building varies according to the target audience, depth of knowledge to be disseminated, level of expertise, exposure, and experience. Thus we focus on customizing the capacity building inputs to individual skill needs of specific targeted stakeholders.

GreenStratos extends its professional services in developing training modules, content development as reading material, delivery of the programmes through interactive pedagogic sessions, case studies, group exercises etc so as to make it participatory. Depending on the feasibility, Greenstratos extends customized training programmes both on-site or outside if the business does not have a suitable venue and training facilities.

GreenStratos has partnered with several leading organizations in undertaking capacity building activities. Few of the entities that we actively work with:

  • Centre for Climate Change and Environmental Advocacy, Marri Chenna Reddy Human Resource Development Institute, Government of Andhra Pradesh;
  • Environment Protection Training and Research Institute, Government of India
  • Engineering Staff College of India (ESCI)
  • Rajiv Gandhi Renewable Energy Park, Gurgaon, Government of Haryana.

The core objective of our capacity building service offering is to enable our clients in effective implementation of strategies and driving desired results in the most comprehensive and cost effective manner through an inclusive approach of empowering all the involved stakeholders.

Our capacity building services are geared to serve a diverse clientele and broadly address issues such as:


  • Changing customer preferences such as climate responsible procurement
  • New Market Mechanisms
  • Global Competitiveness
  • Conformance to legislations
  • Emerging financing and technology options


  • Ideation, consultations and training on new initiatives, programmes relating to environment and climate
  • Global Case Studies – Understanding new policies, programmes and their impact
  • Capacity building for implementation of new initiatives

Sustainable Development

  • Programmes related to sustainable energy & water management
  • Climate Change and Carbon Revenue Opportunities
  • Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Opportunities & Initiatives
  • Energy Conservation Opportunities in Industry
  • Climate Mitigation and Adaptation opportunities in Agriculture and Forestry Sector
  • Renewable Energy Certification
  • Innovations & prospects in Solar Energy Technologies: Business Opportunities
  • Biomass Power Technologies & Applications in India: Business Opportunities
  • Energy Management for Manufacturing Sector
  • Energy Efficiency and Carbon Footprint Analysis for Indian Industries
  • GHG Inventorization and Accounting for manufacturing and service industry
  • Environmental Management in Manufacturing and Service Industry