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Astute planning is very critical in the inception phase of any infrastructural Project lifecycle as sound techno-commercial due-diligence, design & engineering will not only help in effective implementation but will also optimize the triple elements of quality, time & cost.

Our services are driven by this principle and we focus on providing our clientele with the best expertise in the industry to help them realize their vision. Our breadth of specialization and wide geographic presence enables you to engage with us seamlessly. Our unique experience of working in the most remote regions of Africa makes us the most agile and dynamic group that is well-versed with the challenges and opportunities across the continent.

We also specialize in converging diverse expertise across key developmental domains to offer
cross-sectoral consulting services. Our end-2-end service portfolio comprising Consulting, Transaction Advisory, Engineering, and Project Management services is aligned to offer our clients the comprehensive support in their respective endeavors across the gamut of Energy, Infrastructure, Water & Sanitation, Waste Management, Environment & Climate, and Agriculture sectors.


GreenStratos offers E-2-E project solutions in a seamless manner by integrating its multi-domain consulting capabilities across the areas of Energy, Infrastructure, Water & Sanitation, Waste Management, Environment & Climate and Agriculture. Our consulting services provide the technical and commercial expertise required during the planning, implementation and commissioning phases of projects across the above domains.

The following presents a snapshot of our consulting services across the above domains:

- Technical Feasibility
- Resource Mapping
- Regulatory Due-Diligence
- Material Survey
- Topographical Surveys
- Socio-Economic Studies
- Environmental Studies
- Resettlement & Rehabilitation
- Detailed Project Reports

Transaction Advisory

Our transaction advisory services focus on delivering the best value to our clients by working closely with them to help make well-informed and objective decisions based on our extensive ground work and recommendations.

We believe in establishing long-term associations with our clients that enables us to best understand their business vision and needs. This approach empowers us to offer astute advice to our clients on strategic decisions encompassing both the immediate and long-term business goals.

Working closely with our clients gives us an opportunity to assess and analyze proposed projects, identify the key drivers, risks and opportunities in the transaction. With our mix of international and local professionals, we provide insights into geo-political and regional issues that are pertinent to the proposed initiatives.

We offer the following stream of transaction advisory services to our clients:

Advisory on Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) and Privatization

Public Private Partnerships models have emerged as a preferred route for development of infrastructure projects across the developing world.

PPP models create a win-win situation for all the stakeholders as it ensures distribution of risks and rewards, roles & responsibilities between both the public and private entities. The key to successful PPPs lie in meticulous structuring and creating an enabling environment encompassing legislation, capacity building, organization and monitoring.

GreenStratos is a leading Public Private Partnership Advisory firm with extensive experience of planning, structuring and supporting roll-out of PPP models for development of key infrastructure across diverse sectors. We specialize in advising Governments and public sector entities on all aspects of developing and implementing public private partnerships. Our PPP advisory services cover project conceptualization, financial modeling, identification of PPP delivery options, defining final PPP model that creates a balance for both the proposing entity and the implementing entity, soliciting private sector participation, bid advisory and finalization of contracts and implementation support and monitoring.

We also support private investors and entities in identifying, evaluating and pursuing PPP investment opportunities in Africa. We work with our clients to understand their requirements, benchmarks and constraints and accordingly evaluate all critical parameters of the proposes PPP project such as regulatory mechanism, proposed terms and conditions, investment analysis, financing requirements, geo-political scenario, identification and assessment of risks etc. Planning for risk mitigation in PPPs is very important both in terms of timelines as well as project costs. We help our clients in managing risks by devising a comprehensive risk mitigation strategy to address potential delays that would otherwise adversely affect the financial returns. Further, we also advise clients on the social and environmental policy issues relevant to the project.

Similarly, we advise Government entities on privatization policies and on privatization initiatives across our core sectors.

Capital Advisory

We engage with our clients right from the inception stage of the proposed projects. At this stage, we map the client’s requirements, identify transaction options and develop implementation plans through extensive research and analysis. Subsequently, we benchmark the project parameters such as:
  • Capital investment
  • Construction period and phasing of expenditure
  • Economic life of the project
  • Financial Structure i.e. amount of debt/equity
  • Interest rate, Moratorium period, repayment period and repayment schedule,
  • Amount and timing of cash flows
Based on the above ground work, we develop financial models, finalize capital structure and funding strategies in consultation with our clients. Subsequently, we facilitate raising debt or private equity as mandated by our clients. We liaise with Financial Institutions and PE firms in soliciting investments and manage the entire process including providing comprehensive project documentation, facilitating investment due-diligence, negotiations and finalizing contracts.

Transaction Facilitation

We help acquire the statutory clearances and approvals required at various stages of setting-up infrastructure projects. Further, we also support our clients in identifying international partners with specific qualification criteria for the purposes of forming joint venture consortium to bid for infra projects. Our transaction facilitation services include:
  • Acquisition of project approvals and licenses
  • Create required project documentation and applications
  • Liaison with Government Departments to obtain necessary approvals and clearances
  • Statutory Approvals – revenue, forests, environment, state & central authorities
  • Facilitating Power Purchase Agreements for power projects
  • Facilitating application and realization of Government incentives such as capital subsidies
  • Facilitation of JV consortium with international firms to bid for infra projects
Legal Advisory

Legal advisory is an integral part of all our service offerings. Our team comprises full-time legal experts who support our clients in ensuring professional legal review and documentation required for the projects. We specialize in drafting and vetting legal contracts for both Government and private entities with respect to infrastructure projects, PPP engagements etc. We further advise our clients on legal aspects of Joint Ventures, international contracts and acquisitions.

Green Stratos has strategic partnerships with several leading law firms such as Vigor Law Offices, USA & Nigeria, Jurislaw Associates, Nigeria, Kochhar & Co, India that enables us to leverage a broader base of top notch experts in delivering the best legal services to our clients.

PPA Advisory

We have extensive experience in helping utilities and power generation firms on power tariff related matters. Our gamut of services include:

• Civil, Electrical & Mechanical Engineering
  • Drafting Power Purchase Agreements
  • Supporting relgulatory agencies in tariff studies, drafting policies and guidelines to help regulate and administer various kinds of PPAs
  • Structuring of third party power sale arrangements. Technical, Financial and Legal due diligence of involved parties
  • Representing clients at tribunals and departments for PPA related discussions. Filing of tariff petitions
  • Buy side/Sell side negotiations of terms, conditions and tariffs for entering into PPAs
  • Re-negotiations/Exit advisory for PPAs
  • Independent evaluation of PPAs

Engineering Services

Our engineering services offer project design, structural and architectural solutions for infrastructure projects. We cover the following areas:

• Civil, Electrical & Mechanical Engineering
  • Proposal drawings (with alternatives)
  • Detailed Engineering Drawings including structural designs and detailed workings
  • Soil investigation to ascertain the bearing capacity of the soil for structural design
  • Three Dimensional Structural Analysis
  • Electrical Designing
  • Electro-Mechanical Drawings
  • Sanitary & plumbing design
  • Route Mapping for Power transmission & Distribution Lines
  • Preparation of detailed technical Specifications
  • Preparation of Bill of Quantities and Detailed estimation of costs
  • Preparation of Tender Document
• Topographical & Geo-Technical Investigations
  • Total Station Surveys
  • Preparation of detailed topographical plans
  • Mapping with cross-sections and L-sections at specific intervals
  • Soil Investigations using various techniques such as standard penetration test, dynamic penetration test, plate load test etc.
  • Determination of bearing capacity of the soil
We offer the above services based on the needs of respective clients. We also offer engineering and project management consultancy as part of Owner Engineer Services to our clients to ensure time, cost, engineering and quality management.

Project Management

Our Project Management services focus on ensuring effective supervision and management across the project lifecycle. One of the most important objectives of our PMC services is to provide effective management reporting through regular dashboards that are based on our hands-on involvement in every aspect of project such as
  • Project Planning – Project Readiness, Clearances, Timelines, Approval of Engineering Drawings, BOQs and Costing
  • Procurement – Bidding, Evaluation, Negotiation, Contracts
  • Implementation – Monitor contractors for compliance with service agreements, quality, timelines
  • Regulatory Compliance and facilitation of approvals
  • Project Commissioning
  • Capacity Building

Capacity Building

Apart from capacity building as part of PMC Services, we offer independent capacity building services for Public Sector as well as Private Entities. Professionals at GreenStratos have long standing experience in carrying out capacity building activities for a wide range of stakeholders such as senior public servants, public and private sector industrial executives, civil society organizations, entrepreneurs and students community. The specific level of need of capacity building varies according to the target audience, depth of knowledge to be disseminated, level of expertise, exposure, and experience. Thus we focus on customizing the capacity building inputs to individual skill needs of specific targeted stakeholders.

GreenStratos extends its professional services in developing training modules, content development as reading material, delivery of the programmes through interactive pedagogic sessions, case studies, group exercises etc so as to make it participatory. Depending on the feasibility, Greenstratos extends customized training programmes both on-site or outside if the business does not have a suitable venue and training facilities.

GreenStratos has partnered with several leading organizations in undertaking capacity building activities. Few of the entities that we actively work with:
  • Centre for Climate Change and Environmental Advocacy, Marri Chenna Reddy Human Resource Development Institute, Government of Andhra Pradesh;
  • Environment Protection Training and Research Institute, Government of India
  • Engineering Staff College of India (ESCI)
  • Rajiv Gandhi Renewable Energy Park, Gurgaon, Government of Haryana.

The core objective of our capacity building service offering is to enable our clients in effective implementation of strategies and driving desired results in the most comprehensive and cost effective manner through an inclusive approach of empowering all the involved stakeholders.

Our capacity building services are geared to serve a diverse clientele and broadly address issues such as:


  • Changing customer preferences such as climate responsible procurement
  • New Market Mechanisms
  • Global Competitiveness
  • Conformance to legislations
  • Emerging financing and technology options


  • Ideation, consultations and training on new initiatives, programmes relating to environment and climate
  • Global Case Studies – Understanding new policies, programmes and their impact
  • Capacity building for implementation of new initiatives

Sustainable Development

  • Programmes related to sustainable energy & water management
  • Climate Change and Carbon Revenue Opportunities
  • Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Opportunities & Initiatives
  • Energy Conservation Opportunities in Industry
  • Climate Mitigation and Adaptation opportunities in Agriculture and Forestry Sector
  • Renewable Energy Certification
  • Innovations & prospects in Solar Energy Technologies: Business Opportunities
  • Biomass Power Technologies & Applications in India: Business Opportunities
  • Energy Management for Manufacturing Sector
  • Energy Efficiency and Carbon Footprint Analysis for Indian Industries
  • GHG Inventorization and Accounting for manufacturing and service industry
  • Environmental Management in Manufacturing and Service Industry



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